Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hardwood Flooring

Most of the rooms inside the New House Next Door will have oak hardwood flooring. By choosing one material to run throughout the house, the spaces will flow easily together and this cohesiveness will help the house feel larger. The only rooms that won't have hardwood floors are the mud room and the two bathrooms.

This is solid wood. The pieces are cut with a "tongue" on one edge and a "groove" on the opposite edge. (called T&G) The boards are laid onto the floor atop rosin paper in long and not-so-long pieces and nailed down with a special flooring nailer in the tongue (so the fastener is hidden). After installation, the wood will be sanded and a finish (stain and polyurethane) will be applied.

You may have heard about "pre-finished" or "engineered" wood floors. They are made of a composite (not solid wood) substrate with a thin veneer of finished wood glued to the top.

Each type of wood flooring material has it's own pros and cons, but typically in new construction (where we aren't trying so hard to control dust, like a renovation) solid wood flooring is preferred. It is both more durable and less expensive.

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