Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Farm Next Door

Well, It's St. Patrick's Day! 
Luck of the Irish to you!

And we celebrate a milestone at the NHND blog : I've written 50 posts!!!

Today we take a break from talking about the construction of the New House Next Door, to talk about a different type of boiler - the one we use to make maple syrup! This time of year, on our little "homestead" we tap our sugar maple trees, collect hundreds of gallons of sap, and boil it down into sweet, thick syrup to bottle and use throughout the year. Our family enjoys this activity. Friends & neighbors come over to visit. It's fun to tend the fire, taste the boiling liquid as it gets more and more concentrated, and watch spring arrive. That's one of my favorite things about this particular farm activity - when you start, it's winter; when you end, It's Spring!

Sap Collecting Buckets on Maple Trees

Boiling the Sap into Syrup. (Using cut-offs from the house framing as firewood!)

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