Friday, April 4, 2014

Outside: Painting and Waiting

The painters have arrived! Last week they primed and painted all the ceilings inside the house. Today they worked outside caulking and painting the trim. Amazingly, it is now warm enough to paint outside - we had a long, cold winter that hung around until about 4pm on March 31, but like a switch, we've had temperatures in the 50s now that it's April.

White on white - painters coat the exterior trim

The trim is a pressure treated, pre-primed wood that comes in 1x or 5/4x called "Bodyguard". I specified this material for all exterior trim and have high hopes that it will perform well over time. Other exterior trim materials - like finger-jointed wood or composite trim, and even cement board trims like the clapboards- have failed outdoors in the weather. The paint gives the wood protection from moisture and UV rays and will need to be maintained in years to come. Another material we considered is "Azek" trim, which is PVC and wouldn't need painting. But we rejected as it looks too "plastic".(which it is!)

The scaffolding outside is waiting for the delivery of the Hardi-shake panels to finish the exterior siding. They would have liked to finish the exterior by now, but it just didn't work out that way. (The original delivery of siding had individual shakes, rather than the sheets, or panels, of "shakes" and the GC rejected them, saying his labor would be more than double to install each shake individually...) So, we wait for the final exterior siding material to be delivered... with the rare dark grey factory-applied paint, this is not a quick ship item.

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