Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Exterior Painting

Painting exterior trim
So now that spring is fully here in the Hudson Valley, painters can work outdoors again. At the New House Next Door the painters have come around on days when the weather is warm and no rain is in the forecast to do the exterior work of caulking and painting.

The cement board siding that the carpenters installed was factory painted the dark, "Iron Gray" color. The treated "Bodyguard" trim was factory primed white. So, really the materials were painted or at least primed prior to installation. The painters are here to apply white paint on the white trim - you don't see a change in the photos, really.

James Hardi - the manufacturer of the cement siding, touts their factory applied finish as being long-lasting and durable. The down-sides of the factory finish are that you choose from a handful of colors (which was no problem, we all *love* the Iron Gray color and how striking it looks against the white trim and windows) and that the carpenters must be super careful during handling and installation. I think they'd much rather work the "old fashioned way" with bare wood (or cement, even) material for cutting and nailing, and then have the painters come and prime and paint after the carpentry is complete.

In other news, our old house next door is also being painted this spring. We have an 1890s home with wood clapboard siding and fish-scale shakes. In the 1950s, it was covered with aluminum siding (to avoid exterior maintenance, is usually the reason - but it just defers the maintenance to later). Aluminum covered all the details, too, but fortunately with little permanent damage done. It's been wonderful to see the beautiful details exposed when the aluminum was removed, and they are really going to pop once it's all painted. Here's some photos from the 1940s showing the house as it was. With the NHND and our old house next door being painted at the same time, it will be interesting to see how they each look/last over the next decade...


  1. Your new house next door is looking so great! I can't wait for a tour for your faithful blog fans. :) (I love the color!!!)

  2. Thanks, Amy! Yes, it's getting there and soon I can have you and all the other local blog-followers over for a tour