Monday, May 19, 2014

Final Parging

The parging over the above-grade part of the foundation - remember the below grade portion gets water-proofed- (click here to read post about waterproofing)  was completed this weekend.

The color the owners selected is quite light - you see a big difference from the first layer parging "scratch coat" pictures posted last week, but, oddly, not a big difference from the light blue XPS insulation that's been visible until this point. The GC spread straw around the perimeter of the foundation to help prevent mud splashing up onto this new, light grey finish when next it rains. (like it has onto the bottom courses of siding at the garage building)

The exterior is slowly stepping closer to being completely done. All that's left is porch railings and stairs, sunporch glass/screen inserts, exterior electrical fixtures, final placement of propane tanks, final grading, final driveway, and planting grass.

View from the backyard

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