Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kitchen Finishes Continue

Wall oven and Pantry Closet
The kitchen is looking more finished at the New House Next Door. Some appliances have been installed, electrical outlets and light fixtures are in, the crown molding above the wall cabinets has been applied, and the cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls are attached.

The future owners did a little "sweat equity" last weekend- they worked on the kitchen island top themselves... They got a deal on a butcher block top, but it needed to be cut to fit their island's size, and then a finish needs to be applied to seal the wood.

Owner participation is a great thing. Of course I greatly encourage it during the design process, but even during the building process, it's great for the future residents to feel they had a hand in helping create their new place. There are projects that use donated funds to build low income housing, like Habitat for Humanity - and they require the future owners to work a minimum of hours on the construction of their house. It gives a connection and sense of ownership that is hard to come by otherwise, and it has been found to increase the new owner's ability to keep and maintain their new home for the long haul.

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