Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The New Neighbors Next Door

Well, it's been almost two months since I last wrote a post... The New House Next Door now has our new neighbors living in it! These past months have seen some minor activity at the NHND - swapping a  non-working part in the hot water heater, touching up some painting, a bit of regrading, a 911 compliant street number sign, and getting the final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy from the building inspector.

The last contractors on the job - movers!
 Today was the big move day. Grandma and Grandpa have been packing and sorting through their life's possessions this summer and now they are in their fresh, new house! It's about half the size of their previous house, where they've lived for more than 40 years. It took a lot of planning and deciding and hard work - physical and emotional- to pare down their stuff and make this move. Now they have a space that is much better sized for two people and much easier to maintain than their 1840s farmhouse. (I hope I don't jinx anything - but NO MORE MOUSE TRAPS, for instance)

Welcome to your new home!
So, the new house next door to my house is all finished - but I've been thinking that every project I work on as an architect, is a new house next door to someone... so I plan to continue this blog and share some more of my work and thoughts about design with you. I won't be writing multiple posts per week, like I was, and I won't be able to be on site taking photos as frequently as I could with this project, but I hope you continue to find what I have to say interesting. Thanks for "listening" and stay tuned for more!