Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New House Next Door in the Mountains update

 The New House next door to the mountains is coming along nicely. Framing of walls, floors, and roofs is complete. Roof shingles and flashing is all applied. Windows are installed. This means they are closed in- mostly air and water tight! Porch floors are beginning to be framed and the scratch coat of parging is being applied to the outside of the foundation insulation and the chimney.

Integral Exterior Window Trim -"Potter Casing"
Potter Casing on 1st floor windows, but not on 2nd floor windows

2 front doors - 2 porch floors being framed (and 1 side porch, at that gable on the left)
These windows have a simple "2 over 2" divided lite pattern. It's a classic style and was selected for this "rural farmhouse". These divided lites are the type called "simulated divided lite"(SDL) which means they try to look like a traditional window that was made up of many small panes of glass.

Our windows now-a-days are energy-efficient and super high-tech - not just a single pane- and they are now, of course, able to make glass in very large pieces. These windows have one large piece, with a special coating on the outside of the glass to limit the sun's rays, an argon-gas filled air space, and then another pane of glass to make it "insulated glass" (IG). The SDL is trim inside and out and has a spacer bar between the panes of glass to look as if it is a continuous frame around individual panes, but it's all just for looks. Sort of funny really that we want our insulated glass to look as if it isn't insulated.... but imitating history with our architecture - now that could be a whole different blog!

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Marvin Potter Casing Catalog Pic