Thursday, February 9, 2017

New House Next Door to the Pond Update

Entry Drive Passes PV Solar Panels
It's winter and the New House Next Door to the Pond, while being placed back from the road, is just visible through the leafless trees. The dark color selected for the siding helps the home blend into it's wooded surroundings.

Craftsman Style Front Porch with double post on paneled base
 Entering the long (muddy and snowy) driveway toward the house, one is greeted with four solar panel masts oriented to soak up the sun and create all the home's electricity. This on-site, clean power generation, in conjunction with the super-tight, well-insulated building envelope and the efficient air-source heat pump HVAC/HRV makes this home come close to zero net energy use.

The exterior siding and roofing is completely installed, albeit not completely painted. (most of the material is Hardi shingle or panel and came factory painted in "Deep Ocean" and "Cobblestone") Custom details like shingled gable walls, contrasting wide trim at windows and other elements, brackets supporting roof overhangs, and double porch posts sharing a solid base contribute to the "Craftsman Style" feeling of the exterior.
Brackets (to be painted) contribute to "Craftsman" Style Exterior

The west side of the home is where the special "exterior living room" is located. This is more than just a screened porch. Three sides of  the room can change seasonally from screened panels to glass panels, extending the usefulness of the space in our climate. The porch faces the pond and the west and is accessed through french doors from the living room.

Other interior finish work (the slowest part of construction) has be done also: the sheet-rocking, taping and painting of ceilings and walls, and the installation of the hardwood floors. Next will be interior window trim/sills, wood wainscotting and wood ceilings, construction of built-in bench and window seat and bookcase/stair/railing, and installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures!

Floating platform is Upper Stair Landing (window half obscured by plywood)
Future Window Seat

Long view - exposed beam supports second floor

Future Built-in corner Bench for Eating Nook
Exterior siding and roofing is complete

South Elevation - see ice-covered pond down hill on left & plywood covering garage door opening on right