Thursday, August 18, 2016

NHND to the Pond Framing Update

Front of the House - Screen Porch on left/west, Gable Roof for Front Porch 
Lots has been happening at the New House Next Door to the Pond. The foundation for the garage is poured. The garage walls and roofs are framed. Forms are in place for pouring a large retaining wall. The front porch roof rafters and screen/sun porch roof rafters are in place. Some of the wall sheathing (which is insulated sheathing, offering continuous insulation - see former post HERE to read about CI) is being installed, as well as the roof sheathing to help keep it dry inside through all these summer thundershowers. (wall sheathing is green, roof sheathing is red) These solid surfaces help you see the shapes of the building more clearly in the photos while also starting to show the dormer design, window seat bump-outs in eating area and master bedroom, and window placement and size. You can see/feel how the light and views will be connected between inside and out as well as some of the intricacies of the massing. (exciting stuff!)

Back of the House - Dormer pops up in roof for stairway

Bump-out Window Seat in Master Bedroom Wing- Long Southern Dormer for Second Floor Bedrooms
Garage Wall poured and interior tamped down and ready for slab pour

Garage Walls & Roof Framed

Screen/Sun Porch- Looking toward Pond and Sunset Views

Stair Landing Window Frames Wooded View

Thursday, August 11, 2016

NHND to the Mountains Gets Interior Finishes

Front /South  and Side/ East Exterior View

Here is the newest update on the New House Next Door to the Mountains. The exterior is all done, including all 3 porches. There will also be a future screened  porch to be accessed from French doors in back of the Living Room over the walk-out basement. Final grading is also complete. Just need the grass to grow, and the clouds to clear, so you can appreciate the surrounding mountain views on this property.

View from the Northeast- This is the Mud Room Entry nearest driveway

Back/Northwest View- Shows Walk-out basement
 The interior walls and ceilings are sheet-rocked and painted and the interior finish carpentry (window trim, door installation) is complete. Tiled surfaces (tub and shower surrounds and floors) have all been installed.
Standing in Living Room looking toward front door, triple window where window seat will be, and loft above- When one climbs to the top of the Foyer Stair, one would be standing up there near 3 square windows and able to see over the railing down into the Living Room

Standing in LR still looking toward front- see Fireplace on left and window seat area on right, loft above

Standing in Living Room looking toward back- Those French Doors on right will lead to a future screened porch

Looking through Foyer toward hall closet and passage to Dining Room. Temporary stair leads up to bedrooms.
Flat Panel Doors and Traditional Casing/Trim (this is the powder room on first floor)

Traditional Interior Window Casing and Sill/Stool Details- Dining Room

Tiled Shower

Tiled Floor in Mud Room/Side Entry (see pocket door on lower right, which leads into Kitchen and door on upper right of pic which leads to laundry/mechanical room)

Next up will be the finished stairs, (you still see the temporary construction stair in the photo above of the foyer) and railings along the loft, and built -ins like a window seat in the Living Room and shelves in Master Bedroom and cellar stairs- and the installation of plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and cabinetry. Stay tuned for those final photos!

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Framing Continues at the NHND to the Pond

Passing up the 2x10s for the second floor joists
Early this past week beams and second floor joists were being installed at the NHND to the Pond. The end of that week the roof rafters and trusses started going on. Here are some photos showing all the sticks of wood that hold up this house.

Floor Joists (on left) make first floor Office ceiling and second floor - Beam to hold floor/roof load above (on right)
Large Pressure Treated Beams set in place to support floor, roof & walls of Screen/Sun Porch
Roof & Dormer Framing and Second Floor Walls are Framed

Roof over Master Bedroom wing is a scissor truss for vaulted ceilings

Standing in MBr and looking out future window seat windo
Screen/Sun Porch floor - looking toward pond