Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Modern Farmhouse after a Fire - finishes

Front View of New Modern Farmhouse with mountain behind
My 'Modern Farmhouse after a Fire' Project is almost finished. I stopped by on a sunny winter day to check it out. The exterior has all the siding and trim and roofing installed and it looks classy in black and white. The porches and decks and balconies are mostly finished - just some railing needed here and there. With the stark blue sky of winter, the sun and the mountain view from the back of the house are striking as you stand inside the new living spaces.

South Elevation -Unique window shapes and asymmetry on the back
Balconies off each bedroom toward the view/sun
Inside the cavity insulation and spray foam and rockwool has all been installed in walls, attic and basement and the sheetrock has been applied and taped and in some cases, painted. The HVAC system is mostly installed, but not yet turned on - and the contractor stated that even on this 15degree morning, the two space heaters they use warm up the house easily. (Can't wait to see how this place performs on the blower door test.)

Kitchen cabinets are delivered (in boxes in the garage) and the contractors wood shop is busy building the stair and interior trim pieces so that once the sheetrock is painted, the trimwork and other interior carpentry can be installed.

Preparing for painting at Trusses over Kitchen
It all looks GREAT and will only get better once the faux brick arch is constructed and the fireplace hearth is in place and the wet bar is built and and and. This is a fun project with mail slots and charging stations by the every-day entry and reclaimed barn wood being used as accents in the powder room. Stay tuned for those awesome interior material photos coming soon!

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