Friday, December 27, 2013

Sheathing Part II

When the weather (and holiday schedule) has allowed them to work, the framers have been finishing the wall sheathing and applying the roof sheathing. The new house next door was all decked out for Christmas in red and green!

(Red) Advantex roof sheathing over the trusses on the second floor (because they are 2'-0" on center and need a material that is rated to span that) and (green) Zip sheathing on the low, stick framed roof over the kitchen and dining room (where the framing is 16" on center).

Both of these sheathings are a bit more high-tech than plain old plywood. (though not as high tech as the Zip-R wall sheathing that has integrated rigid insulation as well) The red or green color is actually an integral water management membrane, so a separate one is not needed. Dan, the contractor, likes to use these products because of the time savings. The guys install it once and don't have to go back over the entire area again to apply roofing paper or house wrap.

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