Friday, February 12, 2016

NHND to the Mountains

The New House Next Door to the Catskill Mountains is coming along nicely. Framing is mostly complete, including lots of complicated roof lines, dormers, and one porch roof. (there will be two more porches, plus a screened porch!)

Front - south/west view faces the mountain view and sunshine

Back- north/west view shows the side porch entry and the more simple dormer across the back

 This design has the second floor located within the roof, with dormers popping up in order to have enough head room and light/windows for comfortable living space. The front dormers are the more interesting "dog house" gable dormers, or what I've called a "Nantucket" dormer, which is two dog-house dormers with a shed dormer connected between them. This Nantucket dormer is quite long, and required a steel flitch beam in order to keep the interior open space.

The kitchen and mud room are located in the single-floor area you see on the west side with the small porch. This area has what is called a hip roof, keeping it low as it wraps around the corner, allowing for second floor windows above it. The master bedroom is located on the main level in this house, which is one of the reasons the second floor could be smaller and accomplished with dormers. There is a double-height family room space (where you see the fireplace chimney, and no dormer on the back view) on the east side stretching all the way from the front to the back of the house. In the last photo, you can see right through that Family Room (and it will stay that way) on the left. (the middle windows that seem like you can see straight through, will have interior partitions and will not stay that way)

Dark photo of back/north, but included so you can see some a peek at the spectacular mountain views

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