Monday, June 6, 2016

Electricity at the New House Next to the Pond

Electricity trench from pole
The New House Next to the Pond is awaiting the power company to inspect and hook up electricity to the site. (working with wired electricity powering the tools, rather than using a gas-powered generator, is preferable by far for the workers and the environment)

The trench is dug from the pole at the street, up along the side of the driveway, over the stream, to the house site.

But this house won't be buying all it's electricity from Central Hudson. There is an "off shoot" trench/conduit for a connection to where the solar panels will be located. I named this project the New House Next to the Pond, but it is could also be called the New House in the Woods; solar on the roof is not possible, as there is too much shade. So, a free-standing, grid-tied PV (photo voltaic) system is planned for the sunny meadow between the road and house.

This network - follow the red "ribbon" next to the conduit- is all connected, so the PV system can supply the house with it's power, as well as selling the excess generated electricity back to the grid for neighbors to buy and use. (and, of course, the house will draw power from the grid when it needs to, like during night)

Conduit not in trench at bridge
Off-shoot Trench leads toward Solar Panel location
Giant Spools left over from long runs of wire

Temporary meter location with house site beyond


  1. How should we re-use the GS? (giant spool)

    1. :) When I was a kid, we had one we used as a table in our fort/camping area. We thought it was the coolest. (clearly we were geeks) Maybe you can have "lumber-jack" contests running on it in the pond! ha ha ha