Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Heating System

This is the heating system for The New House Next Door. Isn't it a wonder? So compact and attractive. (Yes, I do think a boiler can be attractive - I really am an "archi-geek"!) It is a Viessmann super-high efficiency condensing boiler with a separate on-demand domestic hot water heater. (That's the little box on the bottom. I must say - It's Amazing that this tiny machine will be responsible for making all the hot water used in the house, at the time it is needed. ie. There is no storage tank!) It is wall hung in a sleek white metal box with touch screen controls and is mounted to a plywood sheathed wall in the mechanical room. It uses propane fuel to heat water that will circulate through the baseboard radiators, heating the rooms of the house.

Here it's opened up so you can see it's "guts"

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