Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Outside and Inside

Work continues outside (brrrr!) and inside at the New House Next Door.

With temps still below freezing, the carpenters have been winding around the outside of the house applying the horizontal siding, or "clapboards". First they applied from the skirt board up to the top of the first floor windows, all the way around. Now they are working off higher ladders and the low roof, wrapping around the upper level of the house. They are skipping areas that require short pieces, to come back to later, to have the least waste of the HardiPlank Lap siding.

North Side Siding - see also Electrical Meter & Weather Head Installed

South Side Siding

West Side Siding - Don't let John's lack of hat and coat fool you! It's COLD
The inside crew has been installing gypsum wall board on the ceilings and walls of the first floor. They are lucky to be out of the wind, and sometimes even run a heater inside.  I know the GC really wants to get the true electricity and heating systems hooked up and running soon, and then they can say good bye to the fumes from that kerosene heater! (and they need better temperature control to mud/tape the joints on the wall board, but I get ahead of myself...)

Having a surface (rather than being able to look between wall studs from room to room) really does help shape up the space. You can see size of each room accurately, as well as the windows providing views to outside, and the light bouncing off the white walls and ceilings in each individual room. (that light bounce will be even better with the final smooth finishes and paint) The "blue board" you see is moisture resistant wall board, to be used in the bathrooms. (You can see the tub is in place)

View from Dining toward Kitchen

View from Back Entry into Living Room

View from Front Entry into Office
Now that rooms are being enclosed, my lack of a wide-angle lens is apparent. It would be nice for you to be able to see the 3rd window in the office and living room shots. Feel free to refer the the floor plans to recall the room names and locations (click to go to "plans") All in all, The New House Next Door is shaping up inside and out and starting to look more and more finished both inside and out.

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