Friday, February 28, 2014

Soffits and Sheetrock

Inside The New House Next Door work is moving along. Sheetrock was delivered and is starting to be hung. Soffits have been framed above the spots for kitchen cabinets and the shower. Baseboard radiator pipes were moved over in the walk in closet to allow for the desired furniture placement. The dryer vent, and other wall penetrations are being installed. Light fixtures are being selected by the owners.

Sheetrock delivery

Soffits over kitchen cabinets

Soffit (with light) Above Shower

And outside the carpenters keep working on the clapboard siding, giving the house it's outer clothing, so to speak. The "Iron Grey" color looks very striking against the white trim; I love it!

North Side Elevation
Also note: The decorative oval window has been installed - it is located at the landing 2/3 of the way up the staircase, and the G.C. waited until the shop drawings for the stair were finalized before he cut the hole and installed it to be sure it was at the correct height. Since this is the north elevation (always in shade) it has minimal windows, especially as compared with the sunny south-side elevation that I often photograph. The north side is where the bathrooms are located - those two smaller stacked windows, and, like I said, the stair is along the north wall. The double window is in the artist's studio. Steady (not direct, glaring light) north light is always desired by artists for their work spaces. Lastly, the large first floor windows are in the living room, which also has windows facing west and is open to the dining area with the bay window facing south, so it has lot's of what we call "borrowed" light from that south bay.

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