Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coloring Inside the Lines

Figuring out corner trim around porch roof
While all the insulation work has been going on inside, the carpenters have continued working outside in the frigid cold temperatures. They finished installing the white corner trim and started on the clapboard siding today.

When I was a child, I had a friend who was really neat when she colored in her coloring books. I remember her first outlining each area with the color she wanted, then after a crisp line covered the picture's printed line, she would color inside the outline - all in parallel strokes - to infill the shape. Her colored pictures looked so professional!

Watching the exterior finishes go onto the house reminds me of that. First they did all the outlines, and now they are filling in the color.

"Coloring In" the Porch Ceiling (applying bead-board)

 The clapboards being applied to The New House Next Door are not wood like the casing and trim. They are made of a cementitious material and are a popular siding choice for new residential construction. It is more durable and rot resistant than wood, but carpenters can cut and fasten it like wood - and it is fire resistant. (for this reason some cities and villages require it). I have specified horizontal clapboards for the rectangular area of walls, and a shingle up in the triangular gables. What until you see how professional my coloring is going to look!

North Elevation gets clapboard siding installed 

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