Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting Ready for Insulation

main electrical panel (on right)

The electrician finished most of the rough in work today, including installing the electrical panel. The electrician also installed the cable/internet/phone wires for the house. All the recessed "cans" are in the kitchen ceiling, and all the electrical boxes are attached to framing in the walls.

The plumbers have installed the  vents through the roof and finished installing any pipes that are located in exterior walls. (This is only the kitchen sink drain - many of us prefer to look out a window while washing dishes- but by design we usually keep plumbing out of exterior walls, so those walls can be full of insulation instead)

With all the "stuff" that needs to go inside the exterior walls installed, The New House Next Door is ready for insulation!

Plumbing vents through the roof

Electrical boxes for ceiling lights and smoke detectors

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