Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Insulation Phase 2

Spray Foam in Attic, Fiberglass Batts in the Walls
 The insulation contractors came back and finished up foaming, sealing,caulking and insulating the entire building envelope.You can see all aspects of the hybrid approach I took to insulating/air sealing "The New House Next Door" in the photo below. Spray foam above the top plate, sealant at potential gaps between wood members, insulated headers over windows, spray foam around window frames, and fiberglass batts between wall studs.(It might have been better if the batts were face stapled, rather than inset stapled, but...)

Hybrid Insulation - interior view

 The house is tightening up! And speaking of tightening up, the door hardware was installed today. Now that the house can be locked, deliveries of fixtures, finishes, mechanical equipment, cabinets, etc. can be scheduled.


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